Stories from the Point started with a very simple desire – I want to share my home town with others. But it really began with my wife and me buying our first home in the summer of 2010. Anybody who has gone through this experience knows just how many different variables you have to take into account – right before it seems you have to compromise them all. I’m kidding (sort of). But in the end, like the song says, you might just get what you need. And in our case? We definitely did. During the first 2-days of moving in to our home in Point Richmond, California, countless neighbors brought us food baskets and warm welcomes. The weeks that followed were filled with neighbors, who lived a bit further away driving past, rolling down their windows, and wishing us well. This level of community wasn’t something we had experienced before. It was great!

As time has gone on we have continued to meet really special and unique people. From “Old Timers” whose families have been here generations, to newly relocated folks that were drawn here just the same. There are the community Art Walks, the small local businesses, summer concerts downtown, a wonderful local playhouse, the list goes on. The similarity that runs through them is a real, neighborly warmth that, in my experience, is somewhat rare in this day and age. Something worth documenting to say the least.

So, it is amid the opposing mix of industrial settings and serene natural landscapes that this unique community of Point Richmond lives and expresses itself. And it is that expression that I am trying to capture here. I hope that in time a kind of aural mosaic will appear through the many voices and perspectives that make up our community. Please join me each month as we hear new stories from The Point.



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