Dee Rosier

Dee RosierFor this week’s edition of Stories from The Point, we meet with one of our neighbors, Dee Rosier, who has lived in Point Richmond for 53 years. In her audio postcard we get a wonderful glimpse of Dee’s sense of humor, her caring personality, and learn a bit about her background. It was a pleasure to listen to her stories, but they left me with a bit of a challenge – which stories do I share!? I opted to do a little of everything, just like a postcard from a friend would be. We will most likely hear from Dee again because she is a wealth of Point Richmond history. Actually, Dee does volunteer with the Point Richmond History Association and you can visit them online at: I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. I love to get feedback so please be sure to leave a comment after listening.



6 thoughts on “Dee Rosier

  1. Hi Noah……I loved your postcard featuring Dee…..what a great idea!! I'm sorry that Poppy and I interrupted but, perhaps, that makes Dee's chat even more authentic since such interruptions occur on a daily basis?!

    • Hello Ann, I'm so happy you like it! I think your "interruption" really added a lot to the piece so I owe you, and Poppy, a vey big thank you! 🙂

  2. Great stuff. I really enjoy Dee's voice and her way of describing things. People who are kind to stray animals are top notch in my book.

  3. Hi Noah, this is really cool and I'm sure there are gonna be some more interesting stories! The Point is indeed a very special and magical place:)

    • Thanks, Ilene, I'm glad you stopped over for a listen. Yes, there are certainly a lot more stories to be told. I'm actually starting a new one right now so stay tuned! 🙂

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