Vincent Stephens

How does the saying go: “Good art is subjective”? Well, for pin-up and erotic art illustrator, Vincent Stephens, so is beauty. Vincent uses line drawing in a comic book style to celebrate his love of “big, beautiful women.” He does this with humor and a passionate message that big women are indeed beautiful! While his art may not be for everyone, Vincent is an extremely friendly and approachable guy who you will find most days at the Refined by Fire Gallery in downtown Point Richmond. Stop by there to chat him up and you’ll see what I mean. Better yet, come on down for one of the Point Richmond Art Walks – every third Thursday of the month – and you’ll get to see and hear Vincent playing bass along with other local musicians in the courtyard of Refined by Fire. Matter of fact, they are the ones you hear in the background of this episode! You can also find Vincent playing his gorgeous, custom made bass with various musicians at the Baltic restaurant or the Up and Under Pub (need I say, both are in The Point).

Yes indeed, Point Richmond has a good share of artists. I don’t know the percentage as compared to other places, but for such a small area, we seem to have lot of creative folks with a diverse body of works. In this audio postcard Vincent shares how the “work a day world” put him on his path to doing art full time here.

So, let’s join up with Vincent at the Point Richmond Art Walk. Remember, I’d love to hear from you and I know Vincent would too. So after listening, be sure to leave your comments.



Vincent Stephens can be found here: