Nathan Trivers – Up and Under Pub

Nathan Trivers. Up and Under Pub and Grill.Nathan Trivers came to Point Richmond to open his first restaurant – the rugby themed, Up and Under Pub and Grill. Trivers opened the pub in 2010, and within two years it has become a fixture in the area. This was no small feat as he turned a once run-down, smelly, unwelcoming bar into a place that even your mother would be happy to eat at. Undoubtedly, it took some major effort and vision to flip the establishment into what it is today. And while the Point Richmond community loves locally owned, small businesses, Trivers’ hard work and effort has clearly made it an ultimate success.

What else makes the Up and Under so popular? The sizable servings don’t hurt; the pub quiz night packs the place, and the Pint Day Sunday ($3.75 20oz Pints) is a no brainer.

However you break it down, Nathan and the folks at the Up and Under really do a great job in creating a place where a diverse group of people – sports lovers or not – can go and have an honest to goodness good time. No pretense. Just honest pub fare.

Please take a listen to this episode of Stories from The Point where Trivers shares with us how he got into playing Rugby and how that led to moving to Point Richmond and opening his own restaurant. After that it’s your turn – please leave a comment as I love to hear from you. And then perhaps meet me at the Up and Under one Sunday for a pint! Cheers!!!



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